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        RENTAL FAQs
 Q. Do you deliver and setup all rental items?
 A. Yes we can, some areas are FREE, others for a small fee. Select items, like moonwalks & backyard movie night, require 
 delivery with  setup & pickup.

Are your inflatable rentals clean?
 A. Yes. We thoroughly clean & disinfect each inflatable after each rental, ensuring the cleanest possible rental items. 

What's allowed inside of a bounce house / moonwalk?
 A. Small soft balls are ok to use inside of our inflatables. Select units come with basketball hoops. *balls aren't provided.
 objects! Pets are NOT ALLOWED inside of inflatables, their nails / teeth can damage the vinyl.

I've been seeing some things on the news about bounce houses blowing away...?
 A. Yes, unfortunately some other rental companies don't use the correct ground stakes or don't use them at all. Plus operating 
 in high winds is a no no also. We treat windy days like rain days... no rentals will go out for your safety. If wind or strong weather 
 start to pickup after you have already received your delivery, close the ride immediately. Turn the air blower off and let the unit deflate.
 Once deflated, use the 2nd tarp provided to cover the unit & air blower entirely to prevent any water on the unit & blower. If needed, 
 fold moonwalk to fit under tarp. Extra ground stakes can be found in the small tote bag provided. 

Can I pickup my rental to save money?
 A. Yes you can, on select items like tables & chairs. Big items like moonwalks & backyard movie night require delivery with setup & pickup.

I live outside of your delivery zone. Can I still rent from you?
 A. Yes you can! Items available for pickup can be rented to any town. Delivery to outside towns might be available for 
 an additional delivery cost. Please contact us for more information. *We are currently the ONLY rental company in MA 
 with an inflatable Pirate Ship & Camo Obstacle Course. 

Can adults use the moonwalks?
 A. YES. Our commercial grade units are designed to hold children & teen riders & adults. Although rough play by adults could damage the units.
 Unless the inflatable is specifically designed for rough adult use, adults should not use rough.

Do kids ever get hurt on moonwalks?
 A. Unfortunately yes it can occasionally happen. Kids will sometimes bump heads, fall on each other, or could skin their arm or 
 knee on the vinyl material. Rough housing & flipping is not permitted to avoid injuries. If a rider gets injured, administer first aid

Are you insured?
 A. Yes, we are insured for 1 Million in liability insurance. Please note: Liability insurance does NOT cover equipment damage due
 to miss-use or rough play. Follow all posted safety rules and review the info with your receipt. Need a copy of our insurance for 
 your event? Contact us and we'll have a copy prepared and with your receipt on your rental date. 

What is your policy if I want to cancel / reschedule my rental?
 A. No problem. If you'd like to reschedule your rental for another available date, you can do so without loosing the $50 deposit. 
 If you'd like to cancel the rental, we'll refund the amount paid minus the $50 non-refundable deposit. 

If its raining on my event date, do I loose my deposit?
 A. No, if you reschedule to another date you will not loose your deposit. If MA Moonwalk cancels the rental due to rain on the 
 event date, your $50 deposit will be refunded. 

I need my rental at a specific time, can you do that?
 A. Sorry, but we can not guarantee any delivery time. If you require your rental before 12 noon on your event date, please select
 our Priority Delivery service for an additional $25. We'll put your rental at the front of the list (delivery between 8am and 9am).
 Other delivery times may also be available for an additional fee.

I rented a moonwalk, and the kids are saying it's not bouncy or it keeps deflating...
 A. Please check the air blower first. Sometimes leaves can get stuck in the air inlet. Also, if the tube attached to the blower is
 bent, that will restrict air flow. If the unit still won't inflate, please contact us asap! Do not allow kids to ride on a partially inflated

I rented the cotton candy machine but it won't work...
 A. Please make sure nothing else is plugged into that outlet's fuse. This unit draws 900watts, so if you are running anything else
 on the same fuse, it won't heat properly. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the unit to fully reach top spinning speed and heat up
 If unit still won't work, unplug the unit and contact us asap!

Are there any cleaning or drying fees? 
 A. Yes. We deliver clean and dry moonwalks / equipment to you. We ask to get them back in the same way. Any unit requiring
 cleaning, a $50 fee applies.  Please note silly string in NOT allowed inside or near the inflatable units. A $200+ cleaning
 fee OR bill for full replacement WILL be charged for silly string damage.

 Q. I don't have a credit card, can I still rent from you?
 A. Sorry but we require an active credit card (not pre-paid) for all rentals.

 Q. My rental got damaged... What happens next?
 A. Stop use of the equipment immediately and disconnect the power source. Contact us ASAP!

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