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    Cancellation Policy:

     A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date and rental selection.
     If you decide to cancel your rental for any reason, you will be refunded the total price paid minus $50. 
     If you would like to re-schedule to another available date, you may do so without loosing your deposit. 
     If you decide to cancel during delivery of the rental, an additional $20-40 fee will be added for the delivery. 
     Sorry, no cancellations or refunds once unit is delivered.  
     If having multiple items delivered, and you choose to cancel one or more items with less than 48 hours before your event date, 
     then a $50 canceled item fee (per item) will be applied.
     If you selected the wrong item or don't like the item ordered, we can (when available) swap / change to another item for a $50 fee.

    Rain / Weather Policy: 
     In the event that Rain or Strong Weather is to fall on your rental day, you can reschedule to another day without loosing your 
     security deposit (check unit availability). If your event is within 24 hours, you can call to cancel your rental and receive a refund
     of the deposit / down payment paid. If Jump N' Play cancels the rental on the event date due to rain/ wind, you may 
     reschedule to another date, or we can refund your deposit. Sorry, we can't setup in rain or strong weather (winds 15mph+). 
     Any and all units not described as a water ride or water slides, can not get wet! Cover unit with tarp provided. Any unit returned 
     wet will be charged a drying fee. Do not use a garden hose, water balloons or water guns inside the units not designed to get 
     wet. We CANNOT pickup rentals in rain or strong weather. Unit MUST remain covered through duration of storm. We will pickup 
     once the weather is safe. If a rental does get wet, please inflate in the early morning before pickup to allow air drying. Large 
     amounts of water inside unit will require extended time drying (use a bath towel to dry faster) to prevent a drying fee. We CANNOT
     pickup wet units! Moonwalks already weigh 300+ pounds dry... Wet units can be dangerous to move by our staff and should 
     not be used when extremely wet. Moonwalks MUST be completely covered with tarp provided or must be inflated the following day
     to allow rain water to run off.  Flooded out units that can't safely be removed, are subject to a rental extension of 1 day
     @ $50 per day to allow additional time for you to inflate and dry off.

    Late Return / Extra Day Policy: 
     Rentals must be returned by the customer (if rental was non-delivery) by the rental due date at time stated. We must ask that 
     you return rental on time so other customers picking up will have rental available. If returned past 12pm noon, a full days rental
     rate will be charged. If you would like to keep for an extended time frame, you may do so, if that unit is available on those days.
     Extra days can be added, when available, and will be billed to your credit card. Discounts may be available for extended rentals.

    Re-rent / Charged Admission Policy: 
     Jump N' Play Party Rentals does NOT allow the re-rental of its equipment under any conditions. (Example: you rent an item
     from us, then re-rent it to another person for equal or more money.) Jump N' Play Party Rentals also does NOT allow renters 
     to charge admission for use of rented equipment without prior written consent. Violations of this policy will include, but are not 
     limited to: Immediate removal of rental equipment, refund denial, future rental denial, & a monetary fine up to $5000.

    Cleaning / Drying Fees:  
     Jump N' Play Party Rentals charges a $50 cleaning / drying fee if your rental is returned extremely dirty or flooded. Please keep your rental 
     clean and dry to avoid this fee! 
(drying fee doesn't apply to 'Water' inflatable's) We ask you keep gum, candy, silly spray 
     string, all foods & drinks, water balloons, leaves, mud, mulch, rocks, sand, dirt, berries, acorns, pine cones, flowers, all pets & 
     pools of water out of our inflatable's. Failure to return inflatable's in a clean / dry condition may result in a cleaning / drying charge.

    **A $500+ cleaning / replacement fee will apply if silly string gets on our units.**
      Silly string has an acid like residue that eats into the vinyl. Avoid a massive cleaning / replacement fee, 
     don't allow silly string at your party!

     *Cleaning / drying fees will be charged to credit card provided.
     *If a rental gets damaged during use, a repair / replacement price will be quoted once the unit is inspected.
     *Jump N' Play Party Rentals, it's management, and it's employees, are not and cannot be held liable for any damages to property.
       This includes but is not limited to: damage to driveway surface, lawn surface, fences & gates, irrigation systems, septic / buried utilities.
       It is the homeowner / renters responsibility to properly mark out buried utilities / select a safe setup location free of buried utilities.
     *Jump N' Play Party Rentals, it's management, and it's employees, reserve the right to cancel any rental order, for any reason, at any time.
     *Jump N' Play Party Rentals reserves the right to deny services to anyone for any reason.

Please direct any questions or concerns to our staff upon setup.
We'll be glad to answer and ensure you a safe and fun party!

See our FAQ page. Common questions answered.

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